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What is Repurpia?

Global Community

Repurpia is an online world-wide marketplace, connecting like-minded environmentally conscious people for the purpose of finding unique solutions for reusing existing materials.

Supporting Industry Excess

With so many materials going to the dump, Repurpia aims to give industry viable excess supply stream options, where unused materials can be reused and repurposed by others.

Safe & Convenient

Repurpia provides all parties with a safe place to search for, inquire about, and purchase repurposed materials.

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Our mission is to inspire the world to repurpose, reclaim, reuse (Repurpia) existing materials to make something new, exciting, and unique.

We want to hear your story of what you repurposed and how you did it. 

Repurpose This!

Read the stories behind certain pieces and how we found and installed them.

shipping container

Shipping Containers – useful for shipping and living in

Shipping Containers – useful for shipping and living in Shipping Container This is a shipping container.  Traditionally, shipping containers are used for the intermodal shipment (shocking, right?) of goods, food, and basically anything else that needs to be shipped via various transportation methods. We love when people break tradition. There’s a new-ish trend in home

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Repurpia Project: Clearline Technologies

Repurpia Project: Clearline Technologies Boardroom – Exterior When Clearline Technologies was getting ready to move into their new building, they noticed that there was an old wheelchair ramp on the outside of the building. It was in no condition to be used a a wheelchair ramp and so it was disassembled and the long pieces

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london bridge

The London Bridge as seen in… Arizona??

The London Bridge as seen in… Arizona?? Ever heard of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu, AZ? Yes, it’s actually the London Bridge from London. And that’s not the only place you can find a previous version of the famous London Bridge – at least pieces of it – they are still scattered around. The

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