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Clearline Technologies Offices

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

This place is incredible!

One of the most frequent comments that Clearline employees get from visitors checking out their offices.

The windows surrounding the individual offices come from buildings in Downtown Winnipeg (when they got remodeled).

The beams surrounding the boardroom were made from an old wheelchair ramp from outside the building.

The doors to the President’s office were taken out of the W Network building when it relocated.

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G&E Homes

Steinbach, MB, Canada

Who knew rusted sheet metal could look so cool?

Cheryl (G&E Homes) & Neil (Clearline Technologies) did, that’s who.

The combination of the reclaimed wood and scrap metal accents give G&E Homes’ new head office such a cool vibe.

As a custom home builder, they need to showcase their eye for the unique and unexpected.

The use of “alternative” material for their offices definitely highlights that.

Our blog has more details on the individual aspects of their office!