The Repurpia Mission

Our mission is to INSPIRE the world by creating a hub for people of all walks of life to gather ideas & concepts with businesses that have surplus supply streams. By partnering with companies, Repurpia brings mass quantities of excess materials to the public and uses the concept of open sourcing to commercialize products while reducing the scrap that goes into our landfills.

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it" - Albert Einstein

With our Repurpia site, you will notice that there are two main options, which are then broken down into seller and purcasher.

  1. Excess supply streams
  2. Repurposed goods

Excess Supply Streams

The idea behind surplus supply streams is to bring together companies with people or other companies that can use the excess supply to create new, repurposed products.

The companies can be as industrial as they come, or even right down to a local single operator business. In all cases, there are excesses to be had.

Repurposed Goods

While our goal is to have repurposed goods on our site that contain at least 90% repurposed, recycled, or reclaimed materials, the onus is on the seller and buyer to confirm. But in this regard, Repurpia is a place for those who make repurposed goods to present and sell their unique crafts to the world.

The Story of Repurpia

Neil Krovats has always had a good eye for seeing things from different angles. He could take a look at an old pallet and see the beautiful design in the distressed wood pieces and how it would look as an accent wall in an office. So true to their entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to build a company around it.

Repurpia follows that same idea that old things can always be turned into something beautiful.

We’ll find a place for it” is something we always hear – and it’s true. Our projects take old, unwanted and mismatched pieces and turn them into amazing features in offices and homes.

Having a headquarters in Winnipeg, MB is perfect for Repurpia. Winnipeg is often overlooked when people think of architectural advances and business opportunities, but in reality it is a gold-mine for the treasure hunters. There are always antique fixtures being taken out of buildings in favour of newer pieces and naturally we jump at those opportunities. You can always find us at moving sales, auctions and surfing the internet looking for cool pieces in order to furnish our next project.